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Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services

Helping Barbadian farmers produce and prosper

We provide services for farmers including subsidized land lease, motor tractor cultivation, agricultural data and extension advisory services.

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Distributing some 2,000,000 cubic meters of non-potable well and spring water annually to 650 farm connections, BADMC’s team of Irrigation Extension specialists maintains Barbados’ largest crop irrigation system, which spans some 14 farming districts from Spring Hall in St. Lucy to Gibbon’s Boggs in Christ Church.
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Cultivating on a monthly average some 70 acres of agricultural land for small farm production, the Motor Tractor Cultivation Scheme of BADMC provides affordable access to Land swiping (brush clearing)
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Extension Services

Serving some 700 crop farmers in the field, BADMC’s Agricultural Extension team advises crop farmers on applying and adapting agricultural research, best practices and techniques to optimize crop performance and revenue potential, from land preparation to post-harvest.

Extension Services