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The Agricultural Services Division provides services for farmers including subsidised land lease, motor tractor cultivation, agricultural data and extension advisory services, as well as access to crop seeds, agro-chemicals and farm equipment.

Our Agricultural Services Division provides Government-subsidised land lease, motor tractor cultivation and web-based agricultural data collection and extension advisory services, as well as access to affordable seeds, agro-chemicals and equipment to farmers in 15 districts across Barbados.

The Agricultural Services Division includes the:

  • Agricultural Extension Unit
  • Irrigation Engineering Unit
  • Land Lease Programme
  • Motor Tractor Cultivation Scheme
  • Farm Shops

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Extension service
Extension Services

Serving some 700 crop farmers in the field, BADMC’s Agricultural Extension team advises crop farmers on applying and adapting agricultural research, best practices and techniques to optimize crop performance and revenue potential, from land preparation to post-harvest. Extension Officers also collaborate closely with farmers to monitor national crop farming activity, recording critical crop planting, performance, loss and yield data in the AGRICAST system for market forecasting purposes.

To request Agricultural Extension assistance, please contact BADMC’s Chief Extension Officer or call (246) 535-6830.

Irrigation service
Irrigation Services

Distributing some 2,000,000 cubic meters of non-potable well and spring water to 650 farm connections daily, BADMC’s team of Irrigation Extension specialists maintains Barbados’ largest crop irrigation system, which spans some 14 farming districts from Spring Hall in St. Lucy to Gibbon’s Boggs in Christ Church.

To apply for a new Irrigation Extension connection or request assistance with your existing connection, please contact BADMC’s Officer in Charge, Irrigation Extension Unit or call (246) 535-6830.

To report a water outage or burst pipe, contact the Irrigation Extension Unit on (246) 535-6830.

Motor tractor Cultivation service
Motor Tractor Cultivation Services

Cultivating on a monthly average; some 70 acres of agricultural land for small farm production, the Motor Tractor Cultivation Scheme of BADMC provides affordable access to:

  • Land swiping (brush clearing) services.
  • Harrowing and rotavator (tilling) services.

To request our Tractor Cultivation services, please contact the Technical Officer – MTCS and Farm Plot or call (246) 535-6830.

Land lease
Land Lease Programme (LLP)

Some 215 farmers enjoy Government-subsidised access (through lease and, most recently, 12-month renewable license) to over 1,300 acres of arable land vested in BADMC, as well as qualified private land-owners through the Land Lease Programme (officially called ‘The Land for the Landless Programme’). LLP farm enterprises run the gamut – from market vegetable, orchard, livestock (cow, sheep, pig, poultry, rabbit) farming to non-traditional activities like horticulture (flowers), aquaculture (fish) and apiculture (bee-keeping).

The LLP Extension team rigorously screens, monitors and motivates farmers to maximize productivity through training, and to maintain a strong commercial focus by providing access to business planning and funding assistance. To apply for a Land License or request assistance with your existing Land Lease or License, please contact the BADMC’s Technical Officer – LLP or call (246) 535-6830. To report a water outage or burst pipe, contact the Irrigation Extension Unit or call (246) 535-6830.

Farm shop
Farm Shops

With two branches located in close proximity to farming communities in the north and south of the island, BADMC Farm Shops research, source and sell a wide range of fruit and vegetable seeds, agro-chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides), equipment and supplies to crop farmers across Barbados.

All agro-chemicals we sell are tested and proven in terms of application methods, effectiveness and safety by certified Agricultural Extension personnel in BADMC’s own Farm Plot before introduction to the local farming community. BADMC also holds the national distributor for the herbicide Broadtril and the insecticide Caprid.

For product pricing and availability, please contact us:

BADMC Farm Shop – South
Fairy Valley Plantation, Fairy Valley, Christ Church
Tel.: (246) 535-6830

BADMC Farm Shop – North
Spring Hall Land Lease Project, Spring Hall, St. Lucy
Tel.: (246) 535-6830

For sales and customer service queries, please contact the Chief Extension Officer or call (246) 535-6830.

Farm Plot
The Farm Plot

Occupying some 32 ½ irrigated acres around BADMC’s Fairy Valley Plantation Headquarters, the Farm Plot produces some 1.2 million pounds of food crops and crop planting materials annually in support of BADMC’s agricultural research and agro-processing needs, as well as for wholesale to farmer-vendors, agro-processors, vegetable wholesalers and the general public.

For current pricing and produce availability, contact BADMC’s Technical Officer – MTCS and Farm Plot or call (246) 535-6830.

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