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BADMC’s Agribusiness Division provides services for agro-processors including market price research, food innovation, agro-processing, retail distribution and promotion. The Division also produces Carmeta’s family of gluten-free flours, bakery items and seasoned meats.

Our newly established Agribusiness Division empowers agro-processors with commodity processing, food innovation and branding services, as well as to make backward and forward linkages with farmers and food manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Barbados and beyond. The Division also leads national efforts to inform, engage and promote commercial and consumer trial and adoption of home-grown and home-made foods in Barbados.

The Agribusiness Division includes the:

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Market Surveys
Market Surveys

Working in collaboration with the Planning Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management (MAFFW), our Survey Officers go into the field twice weekly to record and monitor wholesale and retail prices for some 40 crop and livestock commodities. Data captured is published online in the publicly available database of MAFFW’s Marketing Information System (MIS).

For commodity price research assistance please contact BADMC’s Office of Surveys or call (246) 535-6830.

Produce Procurement
Produce Procurement

Drawing upon the Division’s complementary expertise in agricultural extension and agro-processing, the Procurement Advisory service of BADMC assists local agro-processors to research, evaluate and contract small and mid-sized farm enterprises and plantations to supply commodity crop and livestock produce to their quantity, delivery, processing and price specifications.

To request assistance, please contact BADMC’s Manager, Food Production or call (246) 535-6830.

Food Innovation
Food Innovation

With patents pending on 15 new commercial food formulations, BADMC’s Food Production Units empowers Barbadian food micro-entrepreneurs to perfect their vegetable, fruit, meat and poultry-based food product concepts.

  • Our food innovation services include:
    • Research and development
    • Commercial formulation
    • Taste and usability testing
    • Nutrition testing and certification
    • Production cost evaluation
    • Packaging and brand advisory services

To request assistance and subsidised service pricing, please contact BADMC’s Manager, Food Production or call (246) 535-6830.


For the food micro-entrepreneurs seeking short-term assistance in processing their crop and livestock produce, BADMC offers a range of commodity agro-processing services undertaken by fully trained food manufacturing personnel.

Our agro-processing services include:

  • Fruit, vegetables and herbs:
    • Peeling
    • Grating and slicing
    • High-capacity dehydration and drying
    • Milling
    • Bulk packaging.
  • Poultry and meats:
    • Butchering
    • Mincing and molding (burgers, sausages)
    • Bulk packaging.

To request assistance and subsidised service pricing, please contact BADMC’s Manager, Food Production or call (246) 535-6830.

Retail Distribution
Retail Distribution

For Barbados-based food entrepreneurs seeking marketing and distribution channels for their products, BADMC offers retail distribution opportunities through its three food retail operations, Carmeta’s Retail Shop, Carmeta’s Farm & Factory Outlet and Carmeta’s Liquor & Duty.

Carmeta’s Liquor & Duty-Free
Strategically located in the departure lounge of the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) and newly re-branded Carmeta’s Liquor and Duty-Free offers unique promotional and sampling opportunities to Barbadian food enterprises exploring the export potential of their value added alcoholic food products.

New products are evaluated for sampling promotions and introduction to the Shop on a bi-monthly basis.

Product categories stocked include:

  • Wines and spirits
  • Confectionery*
  • Desserts*
  • Condiments and preserves*
  • Tobacco
    *Must contain alcohol.

To enquire about Shop opening hours and distribution possibilities with Carmeta’s contact BADMC’s Commercial Development Officer or call (246) 535-6830.

Food Promotion
Food Promotion

BADMC prides itself on its perennial success in introducing Barbadians to new, exciting and healthful ways to enjoy indigenous foods through participation local tradeshows including the annual Barbados Manufacturers’ Exhibition BMEX and the annual agricultural exposition Agrofest.

Southern Farmers’ Market
Staged on the last Friday and Saturday of each month in the pastoral ambience of Fairy Valley Plantation, the Southern Farmers’ Market programme brings together consumers and farmers, food vendors and artisans from across the island in a traditional country market setting.

In addition to facilitating the direct sale of local produce, meats, fish and artisanal food, drink and crafts by small farmers and entrepreneurs to patrons of the Market, BADMC offers consumers the opportunity to sample its latest food innovations.

To enquire about collaboration in BADMC’s food promotion initiatives contact BADMC’s Commercial Development Officer or call (246) 535-6830.

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